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Classic Glass

Leica 50mm Summicon II Rigid 

The lens is what draws the photograph. Each lens leaves its own signature look. Above is a Leica 50mm Summicron II Rigid. It is a lens that debuted in 1958. It is a very sharp lens, but still forgiving on the skin. It handles light and shadows sublimely. This 50-year-old 50mm lens outperforms the majority of 50mm lenses made today. It is also lighter and more compact.

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I'm an artist who is big on family, my own and taking photographs of families. I love the classics: vintage lenses, rangefinders, traditional silver-based emulsion b&w prints, a well-made well-worn leather bag, a crisp white shirt, a scent that reminds you of your grandmother, clean lines in design, and the notion that less is always more.

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