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Wiggles, Giggles and Play

Digging the Present

The Now.

For some odd reason, it is easier to live in the past or the future, than the present. The present, though right in front of you, can be so elusive. Meditation is one way to become more present, but how? How do you turn off the chatter that keeps looping in your mind? How to silence the w…

A 50th Anniversary

How to "Pose" Children — Something to Consider

How best to photograph children? Let it be...
I shared some photos with a photographer friend the other day. I respect her opinion immensely and was happy to seek her feedback. Something she said got me thinking. Along with some nice compliments on the lighting and style, she said she really liked…

Almost Off to College

Summertime Funtime

Tactile Math

This year we homeschooled for the second half of first grade. When we started homeschooling, I knew that an area that needed work was math. My son's school work showed that he did not have a real understanding of math concepts. Talking through things, drawing things... neither kept his interes…

Three Boys

What should I name her?

What should I name her? (Or is it him?)
This is my new baby. It is a monochrome rangefinder. That means it only creates pictures in black and white, there is no autofocus, no zoom lenses. 
Today's modern cameras are like Ferraris. You can take more photos per second then you'll ever want t…

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I'm an artist who is big on family, my own and taking photographs of families. I love the classics: vintage lenses, rangefinders, traditional silver-based emulsion b&w prints, a well-made well-worn leather bag, a crisp white shirt, a scent that reminds you of your grandmother, clean lines in design, and the notion that less is always more.

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