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While photographs are often thought of as a way to remember an event, or document history, they are more powerful when they celebrate something that is meaningful to you right now.

We tend to be busy and miss what is right in front of us. Taking the time to create artwork that speaks to you emotionally, in a positive way, and displaying it in your home, gives you a centering touchstone for the everyday. One that you and your family are sure to welcome in the whirlwind of hectic, modern life.

The journey to create meaningful art is a calming experience in itself; designed to bring awareness and love to your most valuable possession, your relationships.

It starts with a conversation about you. What art would best suit you and your family? Where would seeing this artwork every day bring you the most joy? What aspect of your family's relationships, personalities, family story would you like to have inspire your art?

It ends with a finished art piece. Displaying art on your walls is the absolute best way to celebrate and honor these special relationships. There are also albums and folios (stunning as gifts) available from the world’s premiere binderies.

No corner is cut in the production of your artwork. The finest materials and labor, from individuals who are among the best at their craft, are used from beginning to end.

To say I take the quality of the product that leaves the studio seriously is an understatement. And how can I not? When these art pieces are going into family homes to tell the most important stories in the world?

While my photographic roots are in the realm of commercial and editorial, nothing makes me happier than working with families. Creating artwork that is treasured by the subject, brings me joy in a way photographing models to sell things cannot.

I've enjoyed 18 years as a freelance artist, because I take customer service and work ethic as seriously as I take creativity. My clients always receive the utmost care and attention. I'd love for you to be one of my clients.

I invite you, and encourage you, to take an artistic journey into what is most meaningful.

About Ingrid

Ingrid grew up concurrently in Southwest Florida and the Panama Canal Zone. After graduating from college in 1996, she moved to New York City where she discovered the world of commercial photography. That first experience on a photography set was working for a fashion photographer as a gofer running coffee.

Everything about the creative production process fascinated Ingrid. She moved on to become a successful commercial makeup artist, and then later an assistant photographer, before venturing out on her own freelance photography career in 2009. Her niche was children. After years in fashion and beauty, the innocence and openness of children was the perfect contrast, and exactly the change of pace she craved.

With her vast industry experience, the switch quickly paid off. She landed the first, of what would be many, national children’s magazine covers in the first year of that final switch.

Ingrid’s work captures the natural, in-between moments that come so easily to children and seeks that same energy from adults. She strives to capture the individuality of each subject within the context of every assignment. Her images match the energy of life with a clean aesthetic.

By taking family portrait commissions, she brings a level of professional photography, and finished artwork quality, to families that is well beyond typical.
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