Why Portraits?

Why would you have a portrait made for display your home?

Is there anything more worth exploring and celebrating than your relationships? Our sense of belonging and family are a source of pride and strength. Children love knowing their family's story, traditions, quirks, anything that makes them unique, special, and more importantly, anything that shows them they belong to something larger than themselves.

While this is especially wonderful for children, who are discovering and solidifying their identity, it is also valuable for adults. Slowing down from your busy schedule, to think about your family, and what artwork would celebrate them, is a wonderful exercise in gratitude.

The end result is artwork that does so much more than complement your décor. It's a family bonding experience, that also happens to create art.

Additionally, there is a very practical reason.

Images have power.

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by images that are chosen by marketers. We are fed a steady diet of what others want us to see about ourselves, and our world. These visuals are well thought out and effective — as well done visuals always are.

We shut out as much of this bombardment as we can, but have you ever thought of countering the noise with your own message? Do you realize you hold the most valuable visual real estate there is, your walls?

How many people take the time to create their own positive imagery?

While you cannot control what is in a magazine or on a billboard, you can control what is on the walls of your home. Your walls are a prime location, because you see them, and take in what you see, both consciously and subconsciously, every day.
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